Dryfast Concentrated Setting Lotion

Dryfast, the #1 setting lotion is the ultimate professional formulation to make hair strong, healthy and easy to style. Dryfast original hair setting lotion gives super hold for waves, pin curls and straightening and sets. This economical concentrate makes 1 gallon of setting lotion. For the best results, follow directions precisely.


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Directions: Shake well until the powder mixture is completely dissolved. Then pour contents into gallon jug 1/2 filled with cold water. Fill jug with water and shake again allowing jug to stand for 24 hours to fully develop. If thinner lotion is desired; mix a small quantity of prepared lotion with water, enough for the day’s work. Leave balance in original thickness to preserve freshness.

Warning: Flammable. Do not use near open flame, heat or while smoking. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of the reach of children.

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Weight 8 oz